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"The product is nice but the salesman is annoying."
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Travel update: made it to kingdom city, Missouri last night, checked into the super 8 at about 1 am.

There was this rest stop in Illinois that had these little quarter size toads all over the windows outside it was so cute

Indiana: 3.5
Illinois: 3.0
Missouri: 2.0


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i dont think ive expressed how much i like aph iceland

Me downloading books like [picks everything with a cool title and/or dragons in the cover art]

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I’m driving to Utah today and it’s a 3 day trip but I won’t have my brothers to bother pls give me ideas of things to do so I don’t die of boredom halfway through iowa

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Russia is very fond of Sweden


Old little Ice doodle


metalcop Ludwig and airbender Feli

Mako. Mako son pls sit down. Beifong is going to kill u mako pls

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Examples for the Viking “Broa/Oseberg Style” (c. AD 780-850)

Photo 1: The Oseberg Viking Ship at the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

Photo 2: Detail from the Oseberg ship

Photo 3: Detail from the back bow of the Oseberg ship

Osebergskipet Vikingskipmuseet, Oslo