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i am goinG TO bed i hope everyone sees this im too lazy to






Well, it’s not like I didn’t warn…


【ヘタリア】Icelandic 1coin plate.【氷】

9 Pictures: Fem!Norway appreciation post
As I always say: Credits go to the original artists of the pictures. This edition was made only for fun.

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panromantic & demisexual dmab agender iceland = hell yes?




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Anonym asked:

i asked becase ur a total cutie and i might be interested in something with you ; v ; also did you use the ;) face tumblr user aphdenmark confirmed white boy in disguise

i never denied being a white boy. have u seen my selfies

also bruh id love to talk do i know you??? is this real


Blowing horns, rapid footsteps, crunching dead grass, clanking blades, those were the sounds of battle.

Shouts, cries, roars, howls, thuds of bodies falling on the ground, panicked fleeing steps, those were also the sounds of battle.

But all he could hear, now, was the crows cawing in silence.

And the blood of his men drenching the ground.

no seriously you cant ask me if im single and then leave me hangin whered u go anon



Anonym asked:

are you single?

single as a pringle

except pringles are in a tube with like 500 other pringles but you get the point

why do u ask ;)

Anonym asked:

whats ur gender friend??

my gender is that feel when u put one quarter in the gumball machine and it gives u TWO GUMBALLS 

actually im a boy sorry anticlimax