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reblog if ur thinking about dragons 


please just watch this video


Finished the Nordic 5! Actually, I finished them on Sunday (Denmark and Norway in one day, it was crazy) computer issues forced me to wait till tonight (Tuesday) to scan them. Anyway, I hope to sell these as keychains at Otakon(!!!) alongside my other hetalia traditional costume chibies!

Finland is in a folk costume from Western Finland. (the lack of my computer and bookmarks is making it hard to find specifics, I’m sorry!) Sweden’s is from Smäland. Denmark’s is a dancing costume. Iceland’s is the Icelandic national costume. Norway’s is from Nord-Trøndelag. All in cut paper, all about 3.5 inches tall.

whens the last time anyone shopped aph japans face onto a honda car? step up your game guys


For those who still think Norway doesn’t like Denmark, here’s an official art of them. In pajamas. Probably throwing a sleepover. Together. Would you do that with someone you don’t like? I DON’T THINK SO



sorry i haven’t been on in a while, i’ve been caught up playing a mmo for 10-14 hours a day l-lol…

Anonym asked:

I'm gonna read gutters I'm gonna do it IMG ONN a

please keep me updated ok anon good luck and godspeed

opewinston replied to your post: if newt geiszler is a villain in the n…

Yeaahhhhh I think I remember something like that ://

[uncontrollable despair]

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theres some things ive seen talking about it and how it was speculated in the original plans for the movie?? something about drifting with the anteverse (even tho hermann and hannibal chau did it too) and being a supergenius. 

it might not happen but. it might. pls help.

if newt geiszler is a villain in the next movie im gonna PUNCH A KAIJU WITH MY FACE



Codex Runica


Source: http://folk.uib.no/hnooh/handbok/illustrasjonar/

The whole thing can be found, courtesy of the University of Copenhagen, here: http://e-pages.dk/ku/579/

The first two and a half pages also have transliterations into Latin letters, which might be useful for someone who wants some help reading it.

i think if we all strived to be a little more like mako mori humanity would be better off as a whole. and better protected in case of alien attack.


Artist: 橙-daidai-


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